the Redhead Sustainable Neighbourhood website. We invite all those living or working in Redhead to use this website to find out what’s happening or to to let others know.

The Redhead Sustainable Neighbourhood coordination group meetings are at 6:15pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the basement room of the Club Redhead or at the Redhead Community Library. [During COVID regulations meetings will be held at 5:00 pm in the outdoor area of Club Redhead] Everyone is welcome to attend!!

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The Redhead Community values:

  • Existing community groups and their ongoing contribution to neighbourhood well being
  • Peaceful village atmosphere
  • Beach culture and healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • Magnificent natural environment setting and our rich cultural heritage
  • Convenient, diverse range of local services and our enterprising community people
  • Neighbourhood and community potential to keep Redhead a special place
  • Our ability to make local decision so we can be there for each other

Our Vision:  To celebrate and sustain our coastal village community, its assets, and the surrounding natural environment for all to enjoy.

Redhead Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan:  Through a community process that’s included many residents and with assistance from Lake Macquarie City Council the Redhead Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan has been launched. It’s based on the community’s vision and values and identifies a number of community projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the environment and lifestyle of Redhead that we all enjoy.

To find out about the Community Projects 2010 – 2020 go to the “Projects” page.